The Old Blind School, Liverpool

This influential Grade II listed building in Liverpool has been renovated with contemporary flair  to boast the original architectural features with a quirky twist.

This iconic building has a mass of history to it, so it was important to keep these elements flowing through the design in different ways. Whether that was through highlighting the existing features of the building or adding visually exciting installations and individual furnished pieces that exaggerate the historic uses of the building.

The use of a cool colour palette with a burst of colour really aided the quirky contemporary vibe that was to be achieved throughout the two floors of the building.

The Old Blind School was a finalist for the Northern Design Awards 2015, “Restaurant & Bar £250k to £500k“category!

Blind School 55 IMG_4955+ Low-Res Blind School 52 IMG_4930+ Low-Res Blind School 40 IMG_4896+ Low-Res Blind School 36 IMG_4867+ Low-ResBlind School 57 IMG_5189+ Low-Res Blind School 33 IMG_5247 Low-Res Blind School 28 IMG_5017+ Low-Res Blind School 23 IMG_5170+ Low-Res Blind School 10 IMG_5087+ Low-ResBlind School 06 IMG_5059+ Low-ResBlind School 53 IMG_4941+ Low-ResBlind School 14 IMG_5126+ Low-ResBlind School 01 IMG_5032+ Low-ResBlind School 47 IMG_4914+ Low-ResBlind School 37 IMG_4873+ Low-Res