YKK Showroom

The aim for the new meeting area was to produce a more inviting scheme and so create interest for potential and existing clients. We have included a meeting room, open seating area and a coffee station to ensure clients are comfortable. We researched other corporate office styles as a starting point to learn how larger corporate clients motivate and keep their staff interested throughout the available space. The colour scheme represents the brand as that is important to the client. By using the bold blue throughout the space, it brings the scheme to life and attracts people to the showroom area. Using individually moveable display cases in the showroom introduced flexibility for the company to showcase current designs and upcoming trends.

The aim for the relaxation area arose from YKK’s desire to form a space that hinted at bringing the outside in, as they want to utilise the outside space adjoining the canteen during the summer. Keeping the existing functional space, we wanted to create something a lot more aesthetically pleasing for the staff at YKK. Similar to the meeting area, we used the bright blues again to create striking wall features, as well as greenery depicting bespoke wallpaper and vinyl flooring. With the furniture, supplied by Fitz Impressions, we maintained a simple style by using different types of painted timber chairs to bring the scheme together.