Crown Colour Insights 2024

Crown Colour Insights 2024

Unveiling the Colour Trends of 2024/25:  We were delighted to attend an inspiring milestone in the world of interior design as Crown Paints unveiled its Colour Insights for 2024/25. Hosted at the captivating White Rabbit Studios in London, the launch event was a testament to creativity, collaboration, and the power of colour in shaping our environments. Among the contributors to this year's insights was our very own Hannah Warren, who was invited by Richard Bailey, one of the Crown Paint representatives that we closely collaborate with.  

Hannah brought her wealth of knowledge and insight in both interior design and broader societal trends. Prior to the launch, Hannah dedicated herself to crafting a presentation that delved into the intricacies of contemporary design, exploring everything from emerging colour themes to the profound impact of technological advancements on fashion and materiality. One notable trend she highlighted was the transition from minimalism to maximalism, reflecting a societal shift towards embracing richness and diversity in design aesthetics.

Hannah also looked at the growing emphasis on sustainability and craftsmanship in today’s consumer landscape, emphasizing the resurgence of appreciation for meticulously crafted pieces and the ethos of reuse and reclaim. This narrative resonated deeply with the panel, particularly influencing the development of the Pivot palette—a testament to the fusion of fashion-forward thinking with a commitment to ethical design practices.

Each of the four chosen palettes for 2024/25 tells a unique story, from Solutions, drawing inspiration from nature’s organic palette, to Community, a vibrant celebration of joy and inclusivity. Hannah’s personal favourite, Community, focusses on positivity and surprise, offering an immediate burst of happiness through its unconventional colour combinations.

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Hannah said of the event: 

“What I love most about working with Crown is how personal it all is. They live by their values through and through.

I have loved the process, as everyone from crown was so lovely, and although I see  my part being so small the whole crown team made me feel like this was my palette too and how I was an integral part of the making of the palette.

I also love the idea that these ‘insights’ are not a trend palette but they are a continuous story, developed each year.”

As we navigate the complexities of modern-day society, the importance of spaces that evoke positivity and inspiration cannot be overlooked. Through her collaboration with Crown Paints, Hannah Warren has not only contributed to the creation of captivating colour palettes but has also played a pivotal role in shaping environments that uplift and empower individuals.

In the ever-evolving landscape of design, Crown Paints continues to be a beacon of innovation and creativity, and DV8 is proud to play our part in that evolution.

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