DV8 Designs Appointed by Rochdale Borough Council to Bring to Life New Customer Advice Centre

DV8 Designs Appointed by Rochdale Borough Council to Bring to Life New Customer Advice Centre

DV8 Designs have been appointed to work alongside Triangle Architects with Rochdale Borough Council to consult on and design a new customer advice centre. The multi-use advice centre will be a one stop shop for residents of the borough, primarily owner occupiers and people in the private rented sector, to access housing support initiatives and advice. The inclusive facility offering additional amenities including accessible meeting spaces, flexible-use private booths and an interactive children’s play area to create a welcoming and safe environment for families.

Importantly the design brief scope was to ensure the centre provided a calming, accessible and welcoming ambience for both the residents and staff wellbeing.

DV8 have created and delivered this with inspired design touches including considered acoustics and designated defined spaces. All touch-points have been considered for the differing needs of the audience as well as on occasion the sensitive nature of some of the topics.

With the aim of creating a homely, calming environment greens, oranges and terracotta colours have been implemented in moderation to draw the public in but not overwhelm the senses.

Drawing on the proven benefits of biophilia, pockets of greenery and moss have been utilised both to improve cognitive function, enhance creativity, and to evoke a sense of calm and serenity for the people using the space.

With heavy footfall expected in the building, fabrics and finishes have been designed to create warmth but allow for durability, such as vinyls and fabrics with anti-microbial properties, high abrasion and stain resistant properties which future proof the space without feeling clinical.

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Clever design devices have been utilised to define areas such as self-help areas, while keeping the space flexible to allow the client to adapt and work to the needs of their community and create the ideal environment in which to provide support, ensuring the customer experience is as seamless as possible.

Councillor Danny Meredith, cabinet member for regeneration and housing at Rochdale Borough Council, said: “Having access to high quality and affordable housing is a basic human need and the cornerstone of good health and wellbeing.

“That’s why we’ve created this new centre to make it easier than ever for our residents, particularly owner occupiers and people in the private rented sector, to speak to us about any housing issues they have. We appreciate that these problems can be complex, so we’ve worked with designers and architects to create a calm and welcoming environment. We will be opening this new facility in the autumn and look forward to welcoming residents into this high quality space and working with them to solve their problems.”

North-West based owner of DV8 Designs, Lee Birchall, said of the appointment:

“DV8 are privileged to be helping to bring to life this new vision for Rochdale Borough Council. Partnering with forward thinking organisations in delivering reimagined and welcoming spaces that truly enhances the customer and staff journey, and importantly will stand the test of time, is what we do!”

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