The Evolution of the Beer Garden

The Evolution of the Beer Garden

With the World Cup 2022 now in full swing, and pub operators ramping up their promotional activity, I can’t help but look back over the past few years, particularly during the pandemic, at our hospitality design projects and how we’ve helped shape the client brief to create revenue generating, community spaces that work harder than your average beer garden. The Pandemic has definitely influenced the way that operators see their outside areas. We’ve certainly seen an emphasis on covered external area and the additional covers it brings, creating more space, more footfall and ultimately, more revenue.

The introduction of new, bookable locations, such as external “beer huts” with TVs, outside heating, blankets and even firepits – has created inviting environments to enjoy an experience with friends and family, truly embracing the community aspect of your local pub that had otherwise diminished.

For some it’s a no brainer. When we met Stewart, then owner and operator of The Spread Eagle in Mellor, he initially requested we look at the pub interior, however once we began the collaborative briefing process, we realised that there was huge potential in the outside space going to waste. The incredible views across the Lancashire countryside are now a focal point and following an introduction of a new pergola, this work has helped increased his bottom line massively.

Operationally, the client often has a clear idea of what they want, but with our years of experience in hospitality (operationally and in design), we are able to advise not only on colour, style and texture, but also in placement, thoroughfare and the overall guest experience.

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We were so proud to be part of Stewart’s development, and it’s great to witness that the makeover has helped drive further success for the team with new revenue streams being attracted, including weddings and life events. It’s particularly rewarding to see that the local community have really enjoyed and engaged with the changes too.

Even councils are recognising the value in outside space, whether that be on a larger scale like Southport Market or Time Square in Warrington, or on a smaller level such as the Terrace canopy we designed for Warrington’s Birchwood Park – increasing their dining covers by 70 using a space previously underused and unthought of. Now that plain and simple walkway is an impressive wow-factor gateway entry point that can be viewed and experienced the moment you turn in to the park.

For us, its all about being innovative and intuitive – bringing new ideas to the table. How can we as a team, think outside the box to create a truly unique and memorable space for the client, from something that would otherwise have been overlooked and forgotten.

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That canopy at Birchwood Park, it isn’t just technically impressive, but it delivers a stand out, innovative design feature, and honestly, it makes me smile every time I pass.

This week, while you’re out enjoying a drink or some nibbles with friends whilst watching the match – have a look around you. A designer has intuitively thought about each and every aspect of that environment, how it’s built, how it looks, feels, the whole customer journey. The psychology behind those decisions, however little, can mean all the difference to a business’s bottom line.

Enjoy yourselves this week – we’ll be proudly watching on as our clients and operators reap the rewards of a well thought out design scheme come to life.


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