Castle St Townhouse, Liverpool

We had the privilege of working  with the owners behind the well-known establishment located on the Albert Dock in Liverpool, Circo. They wanted to branch to another venture and open a new bar in the heart of Liverpool City Centre, to be called Castle St Townhouse.

The business model of Castle St Townhouse was to form a ‘go-to’ restaurant and bar establishment that challenges the lines between different stages of the day i.e. breakfast/brunch, business lunches and through to evening cocktails; where customers are different people at different parts of the day and that could enjoy and relax throughout the day. With that in mind we aimed to create an effortless look design, combining a series of modern classic decors with the existing decorative building elements. This restoration would then suit the original heritage of the building and its setting whilst incorporating a grandeur feel that was required. All the elements throughout the site are ‘stand out’ pieces, over exaggerated to emphasise the classy, elegant old British features in which was aimed for in the design brief. The use of overly large pendants, marble table tops and velvet booth seating reflect this.

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